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REVIEW: Broken City

REVIEW: Broken City

Great cast. Unrealistic,  unbelievable story line.

Russell Crowe is corrupt New York City Mayor Hostetler (is someone a fan of the ‘91 Giants and Superbowl winning quarterback Jeff Hostetler??) who for some reason has a Boston accent and John Edwards-JFK  hair. He hires ex-cop and now private-eye Billy (Mark Wahlberg) to uncover his wife’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones) lover.  What develops is far  more complicated and morally bankrupt.

Barry Pepper is the city councilman out to unseat the mayor with Kyle Chandler as his campaign manager.  Jeffrey Wright is the police commissioner.  No complaints with the acting.  It’s the storyline that needs help. It’ll have you rolling your eyes. It’s not awful  - but it’s really not worthy of your hard-earned money.

“Broken City” is a broken movie.

1-and-a-half stars.


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