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5th Annual Brunswick St. Jude's Bass Tournament

5th Annual Brunswick St. Jude's Bass Tournament

PLACE: Brunswick Campground at Brunswick, Maryland

DATES: Saturday, February 2, 2013, is the primary date of the tournament. In the event that we have no water, high water or ice the "rain date" will be Saturday, February 9, 2013, in the event a second "rain date" is needed, the date will be Saturday, February 16, 2013 and the final date is February 23, 2013. In the event that we have to reschedule, tournament participants will be notified by phone or email and have the option to fish the next tournament date or be refunded your entry fee. Stay tuned to WFRE for updates/date changes.

APPLICATIONS: Boat placement will be determined by number draw during registration at the pavilion. No one will be permitted to register without ticket given at boat check-in. Cash only please.

CHECK IN: Check in will begin at 5a.m. at the Brunswick campground and end promptly at 6:30a.m. LATE COMERS: In the event you arrive late (after 6:30) you will not be permitted to launch until the last boat has been launched. You can MapQuest Brunswick, Maryland, for the public boat ramp. (Instead of taking a right once you cross the rail road tracks to go to the public boat ramp, go straight across once you cross railroad tracks and follow the dirt road to the campgrounds.) Any questions feel free to call them at 717-328-9096 or email also follow us on facebook.

TIME: Time of launch will be at 7am, if we can't launch at 7PM we will launch as soon as it is safe enough to run. Weigh in will be at 3pm. There will be a bucket at the ramp with a slot cut out in the lid to place you boat number in by 3pm. Please do not be late for weigh in or you will be disqualified and your entry fee will not be refunded. Allow your self enough time to make the run back to the ramp.

5 FISH LIMIT: There will be a 5 fish limit per boat. Each fish has to be 15 inches or better to keep. Any short fish weighted in will result in disqualification and your entry fee will not be refunded. Anglers, please take the time to re-measure any fish that my be short before you try to weigh them in. We will be measuring by a golden rule before the fish are weighed. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass only. Artificial lures only, no live bait. 8oz penalty for each dead fish. Automatic disqualification for culling dead fish, your entry fee will not be refunded.

LIVE WELLS: Anglers, make sure your live well is working properly; we will be checking all live wells before each boat is put in the water. Properly working live wells results in healthy fish. Fish will shrink in live wells due to stress. There is a great product for live wells called "Catch and Release" or "Please Release Me." I've personally used both and both products work well. Each product calms the fish and protects slime coating on the fish which reduces weight loss and shrinkage.

BOUNDARIES: Just past the Route 340 Bridge (to the Whitehorse) up river to the Route 15 Bridge down river. You can fish the bridge pilings on the down river side of the Rt. 15 Bridge.

ENTRY FEE: $100 per boat with an optional $10 lunker fee. Lunker fee is 100% payback depending on how many boats participate in lunker depends on 1st and 2nd place pay out for lunker. If there isn't enough participation for lunker there may only be 1st place lunker. There will only be no more than 2 places for lunker. For example if all 50 boats participate in lunker 1st place will receive $300 and 2nd place will recieve $200. Cash is the only form of payment.

PAYOUT: Payout is based on 50 boats - Payout is as follows: 1st place $700 | 2nd place $500 | 3rd place $400 | 4th place $300 | 5th place $100.

MISCELLANEOUS RULES: All Maryland DNR rules apply while fishing this tournament. Fish are measured from tip of closed mouth to the longest point of the tail, by golden rule. All tournament boats will be marked with a pink ribbon, please be courteous and respectful by maintaining no less than 5 boat lengths from another angler. Tournament directors reserve the right to disqualify and/or remove any participant at any time during the event; no refunds will be given if disqualified/dismissed.

Upon start of the tournament and during the tournament, you must stay in the boat while fishing. DNR is going to be one site with a tanker truck. All weighed fish will go in the tank for revival and then released at the boat ramp after every boat has exited the river for the fishes safety. Only the dead fish will be taken to be studied, to better our fisheries.

We hope that this tournament goes well; there has been a lot of preparation from a lot of different people to make this happen. St. Jude's Childern's Research Hospital is a non-profit hospital to help kids fight cancer of all kinds. I challenge you to go to their website at and go to the about us page to get a better understanding of why they need our help. As a fellow angler, I can't think of a better way to raise money or a better reason to enjoy this sport.

Dave & Mary Baker


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