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Holiday Guests Arriving??

Prepping Your Home for Holiday Guests

As the holiday season arrives, more and more people will be trickling into your home. From the in-laws to the neighbors and everyone in between, it's easy to assume most homes are fuller around the holidays. In addition to the cleaning frenzy you're likely to embark upon, you may have realized that you sent more invitations than can fit around the table. Read on for three tips for comfortably fitting in all of those holiday guests.

Room swap – While you might not have room for 20 guests in your dining room, did you ever consider your living room or den? Move the couch to the dining room and the dining table to the living room! A quick room swap and reshuffle of the furniture could allow your guests to sit comfortably in a different room of the house.

Extendable tables – The right table can help ease even the crunchiest of entertaining situations. Look for a table with an extendable leaf for when company is coming. No time or budget for a new dining room table? Foldable tables can look chic with the right cloth and dressing.

Spare seating – Okay, so now you've got the table and space situation sorted out. What about seating? It's a good idea to have a handful of extra dining seats available for the dining room when you need them. To save space, consider a folding chair. Plenty of companies, like Ikea, have inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing wooden folding chairs! Looking to extend the seating in your living room? Ottomans and pouf chairs are easy to move about, and make for a fun, cozy feel.



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